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We want to be your one-stop shop for the highest-quality, most flavorful, healthy, all natural/grass-fed/organic/wild-caught meats and foods!
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Deer in the Woods

Wild Game Meats Including Buffalo Ribeye

Taste the open range with wild game other meats, including buffalo ribeye from Indigo Creek Foods. We offer a variety of ranch-raised, wild game, and exotic meats, including elk, venison, quail, buffalo, and other meats from around the world.

Sliced Bison/Buffalo Rib Eye Steak

Semi Boneless Quail

Wild Game & Exotics

Impress your guests by serving the rare delicacy of wild game and exotic meats, all ranch-raised in their natural habitats and hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Benefit from the omega-3s prominent in these meats while delighting in an impressive cut of fresh, flavorful meat.

Our Wild Game & Exotic Meats Include:

Veal, Lamb, & Pork

Provide your family with the succulent dining experience of pork, veal, and lamb cuts, all 100% naturally raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free; while benefiting your families health with omega-3s.

Our Veal, Lamb, & Pork Cuts Include:

New Zealand Lamb Rack

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