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Beef, Seafood, & Wild Game Gift Packs w/ Gift Cards & Thermal Shipping/Box

Organic Meat Gifts

At Indigo Creek Foods, we believe that your personal touches are as much or more improtant than the gift that you pick. Since these personal touches are easy to loose when shopping online, we have designed our gift service with personal touches that will give your love ones or recipients of the gifts a feeling that you have invested not only your time and effort in selecting the perfect gift product; but that you have spent a lot of time preparing and delivering the organic meat gifts you have chosen. Of course, the fact that we did all of the work for you will remain a secret between us!

So to start, simply shop for the perfect gifts by ordering from our complete list of Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken, Wild Caught Seafood, Wild Game, & other healthy & delicious Gourmet Foods; and/or select some of our assorted variety Gift Packs that we have designed with a sampling of products. Next, once you "Check Out" in the shopping cart, check mark the "Gift" button so we will know it is a gift, select the occasion from the "Gift Occasion" drop down box, and finally include your personal greeting in the "Personal Greeting" text box.

We then start by packing the products you have chosen in a box lined with the perfect Excelsor colored to fit the festive occasion. Of course, we will include basic thawing & cooking suggestions and/or recipes to assure you of the perfect experience with the gift you sent. Next, we will include a greeting card fitting for the occasion with your personal greeting on the card. This will all be packed in a Thermal Cooler/Box with dry ice to insure the product will arrive frozen at their door. Finally, we will call or email your loved one or the recipient of the gift if you like, to notify them of the perishable gift being shipped as well as providing your personal greeting again.

If there are any special request for "Your Personal" touches, simply email or call us immediately following placing the order, and we will do everything possible to add these special touches.  Oh!  Don't forget to add a gift for that most important person on your gift list, yourself!!!